The Virtual Interview

Consider all the candidates you never had time for

The Virtual Interview helps you discover great candidates when you don’t have time to interview everybody. Not all the best candidates have resumes that will get your attention. Get help bringing more of the right people to the table.

So many candidates, not enough time

Only the candidates with the best resumes are brought in for interviews. But the best candidates for the job don’t always have the most experience. How do you find these hidden gems if they’re never brought to the table? If managers had time to give deep consideration to every possible candidate, this would be less of an issue. Unfortunately, that’s not the case – managers need time to manage. They don’t have time to be full-time recruiters too.

There’s always going to be a world of candidates to choose from, we just need a better way to navigate them.

We dove into the options and found the most reliable, efficient, and fair way for our customers to start discovering untapped talent. The Virtual Interview adds a missing piece to the puzzle. It’s a proven way to help identify the people who deserve a chance to prove themselves.

Talent is out there waiting for a chance

Find diamonds in the rough

Evaluate every possible candidate for fit, even the ones you don’t have time to interview. Find more great candidates by considering everyone equally, not just the people with the best resumes.

Get all the talent others don't see

Identify the great candidate other people pass on by removing bias from the interview process. Consider the qualities a person brings to the table, and nothing else.

Find great replacements quickly

Decrease the amount of time it takes to find great candidates. Fill seats faster when you need the extra productivity by taking some guesswork away from hiring decisions. 

There's talent out there. It's time to find it.