Hire Smarter for Support

Attack attrition and performance problems like never before. With Hire Smarter for Support, you can finally take a data-driven approach to hiring people who stay and succeed.

100,000+ employees selected, coached and retained so far.

because stronger insights land people that last. 

“Direct labor is our largest cost as an organization. Hire Smarter has proven itself an effective partner in helping to raise the quality of our teams while driving down attrition costs.”

Chris Carroll, SVP Global Talent Acquisition

How does Hire Smarter improve hiring decisions? Take a look:

Compare candidates to top performers

Interviews don’t always tell the whole story. Compare candidates with top performers to reveal where they measure up, where they don’t, and how much risk you’re taking on them.

Follow a proven hiring strategy

How do you know if managers are hiring the right people? With Hire Smarter, you can get managers to follow a data-driven hiring strategy that’s created and proven for you. 

Bring the best candidates to the table

Sometimes the best candidates aren’t invited for interviews. But what if you could consider everyone? Hire Smarter brings the best people to the table with time-tested psychology that can’t be gamed and exceeds EEOC guidelines for fairness and accuracy. 

Know what you'll have to coach

Coaching opportunities take time to reveal themselves, so you don’t always know what you’re getting into. But what if you knew what you’d have to coach ahead of time?

Reveal management potential

Just because an agent performs well, it doesn’t mean they’ll lead a team successfully. Now you can look beyond performance to see if people have what it takes to make it at the next level.

Ready to take a smarter approach to hiring?