Hire Smarter for Sales

Make better hiring decisions than ever before. With Hire Smarter for Sales, you can find more great candidates and break the tie between the one’s you love. 

100,000+ employees selected, coached and retained so far.

because stronger insights land people that last. 

"With Hire Smarter, we’re able to discover the ambitions and motivations of our candidates and match them to our success model. We can confidently make hiring decisions knowing who will be most likely to align to our culture, adopt our goals, and overall succeed at their role."

Andrew Thomas – Chief Marketing Officer

How does Hire Smarter improve hiring decisions? Take a look:

Compare candidates to top performers

Interviews don’t always tell the whole story. Compare candidates with top performers to reveal where they measure up, where they don’t, and how much risk you’re taking on them.

Consider people who didn't interview

Not all the best candidates have the best resumes, so they don’t always get to interview. Hire Smarter gives deep consideration to everyone so you can find more diamonds in the rough. 

Reveal what you need to coach

Coaching opportunities take time to reveal themselves, so you don’t always know what you’re getting into. But what if you knew what you’d have to coach ahead of time?

Confirm a career path

People need promotions eventually, but they don’t always succeed in the promotions you have for them. Hire Smarter finds career paths where people will likely succeed so you can be confident about retaining them.

Look for internal hires

Sometimes there’s amazing sales potential right under your nose. Now you can search the company for untapped talent the hasn’t even considered sales before. 

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