Press Release: Hire Smarter’s AI Brings Continuous Improvement to Sales Hiring

Beta customers have seen up to a 30% increase in sales performance and a sharp decline in turnover through more intelligent hiring decisions

“We just closed another round of funding and are hiring people like crazy. Hire Smarter is helping us learn from hiring wins and losses so we can refine our understanding of what it takes to be successful at ServiceTitan, and use that to make informed hiring decisions.  Without Hire Smarter, this would be a huge blind spot for us.”

Chris Petros, VP Sales Operations - ServiceTitan

Las Vegas, NV: Today, Hire Smarter Inc., a company specializing in the collection, analysis, and practical use of psychological data to help companies make smarter hiring decisions, announced the official launch of their predictive hiring application for sales teams. The application was designed to give all sales teams affordable access to the same psychology-driven hiring strategies used by Fortune 500 companies to improve sales via intelligent talent acquisition.

Making good hiring decisions in sales and making them consistently is not easy. Some new hires exceed expectations, and others fall tragically short – the question is, “why?”  Ask any sales manager; they can recount multiple experiences where all signs pointed in the right direction for a candidate, but they still didn’t work out. The issue is that professional experience, industry knowledge, and interview performance aren’t enough to reliably predict success.

Today’s most successful hiring managers have a wider set of inputs to consider when making hiring decisions. Instead of relying exclusively on their skills as an interviewer, they can objectively determine if a candidate has the intrinsic qualities needed to be a great fit on their team, for their customers, and under their unique management style.

These capabilities exist, but until now they have only been available as an expensive set of services provided through psychologists, assessments, and data scientists over a significant amount of time. Despite the costs, the benefits still make this strategy worthwhile. Participating companies have been able to boost sales 30% simply by avoiding costly hiring mistakes and improving their ability to discover top performers.

Hire Smarter has successfully automated these services, making them available to sales teams at a fraction of the cost and time. There are three main components to understand in the product: Team Analysis, Data Modeling, and Candidate Analysis.

Team Analysis:

The first step in creating a reliable and data-driven hiring practice is understanding exactly what to look for, and that requires team analysis. Hire Smarter’s Virtual Interview uses scientifically proven methods to perform a deep psychological analysis on every member of a sales team. The Virtual Interview takes reps 20 minutes and provides a full analysis of their behavioral styles and motivations, including management advice, tips for communication, strengths, weaknesses, and more.  

Data Modeling:

While there may be obvious patterns in Virtual Interview results for top and bottom performers, there are many more subtle correlations that could be used to a hiring manager’s advantage. This is where Hire Smarter’s machine learning comes into play. At the push of a button, four machine learning techniques compete to find the most predictive patterns between Virtual Interview results and sales performance. The winning set of patterns are then deployed as a hiring model to help hiring managers assess incoming candidates for job fit.

The performance of new hires is tracked so models can continuously get smarter and account for any other business changes, like management or strategy.

Candidate Analysis:

Simply scoring a candidate isn’t very helpful when it comes time to interview and arrive at a final hiring decision. Hire Smarter’s Candidate Fit Report goes a step further to help bring transparency and depth to interviews. Once a candidate takes the Virtual Interview and is scored against a model, hiring managers receive a full explanation of the candidate’s score. This includes an analysis of where they differ from top performers, where potential problems may arise, future management advice, and customized interview questions to help them dig deeper and have more insightful interviews.  

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Chris Hill

Chris Hill

Chris stands on street corners educating people about the new world of data-driven hiring. If lost, please return to Hire Smarter.