Multi-Job Scoring

Discover potential sales talent in new places

Expand your sales talent search by evaluating people in-house, from non-sales talent pools, and from past candidates. Screen everybody for factors that predict sales success, even if they don’t know they’re interested in sales yet. 

Give the right people a shot in sales

People have the wrong idea about sales. They avoid it because they think they’re the “type.” But the truth is that sales isn’t all about being outgoing, smooth-talking, and aggressive. Modern sales is much different than that. There are lots of people who would love a career in sales if they only know how good they would be at it. Instead they take up jobs in unrelated careers, and leave their true potential undiscovered.

People aren’t going to change the way they think about sales, but employers can help nudge the right candidates in the right direction.

In helping our customers discover better sales talent, we wanted to help them consider people who maybe just didn’t realize they would be a great fit for sales. Multi-job scoring opens up a whole new talent pool. It helps find candidates who could be great in sales but don’t know it yet.

Expand your sales talent search to new places

Recruit from within your company

Automatically evaluate current employees and predict who would be successful in sales. Offer jobs to people who score highly and are interested in trying something new.

Recycle other team's candidates

Get alerted when another team sees a candidate who scores highly for sales. Whenever a candidate passes through Hire Smarter, they will be automatically considered for your job. 

Discover talent in the archives

Consider candidates who may have been passed on the first time. Create a talent bank you can tap into whenever you need more people to consider for a role. 

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