Build stronger teams. Unleash hidden talent. Combat regrettable attrition.

Join the rush of sales and support leaders taking control over talent management.

“ServiceTitan’s success is directly tied to the success of its people. Hire Smarter helps us maintain our high standards of performance by providing visibility into who we hire, what to coach them on, and what kind of promotions they would be great for.”

Chris Petros, VP Sales Operations

Introducing Predictive Talent Management

Hire Smarter provides the insights you need to build better teams. Stack the odds in your favor by using data to select, coach, and retain great employees.


Reveal which candidates have the most in common with top performers

Hiring mistakes happen. Candidates are on their best behavior and it’s hard to tell if you’re seeing the “real them.” Hire Smarter helps managers make better hiring decisions by comparing candidates to top performers and providing valuable insights. Get everything you need to identify top performers, spot untapped potential, and fill jobs fast.


Become a great coach on day-1

New hires don’t have much time to prove themselves. But managers can’t be great coaches when they don’t have enough time to get to know their people. Hire Smarter helps managers quickly discover blindspots so they can ramp new hires faster, waste less talent, and reduce regrettable attrition.


Find career paths where people are likely to succeed

It doesn’t feel good when homegrown talent walks. It seems like the second they prove themselves, recruiters come knocking and lure them away. Hire Smarter helps retain more star reps by keeping them motivated, happy, and on career paths optimized for their professional success.

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