Data-Driven Hiring Models

Manage the complexity of hiring decisions

Data-driven hiring models help you make the right hiring decisions when there are too many variables to consider. Achieve hiring success with an objective approach that identifies and weighs all the factors that predict success.

Predicting success is hard

There’s a lot to consider when you’re making a hiring decision. Does a candidate have the right motivations? How competitive are they? Are they personable enough? Can they be managed?

You’ve seen people succeed for so many reasons that now it’s hard to know if you’ve taken everything into consideration.

We wanted to give our customers a better way of navigating the complexity of these decisions, so we stepped back and evaluated the options. Data-driven hiring models are a great new way to reach the right conclusion about a candidate. They objectively evaluate all the factors that matter in a hiring decision so you don’t have to stress about making the right decision.

Making good hiring decisions just got less stressful.

Consider even the most subtle factors

Take absolutely everything into consideration when making hiring decisions. Identify and weigh all the factors objectively for the ultimate gut check on a candidate. 

Learn from hiring wins and losses

Don’t let a learning opportunity go to waste when a new hire exceeds or doesn’t live up to expectations. Use machine learning to continuously improve hiring decisions and avoid making the same mistakes.

Use what others have learned for you

Use data from over 100,000 reps in your industry when you need insights to build a hiring model. Stay up to date with your industry while you generate insights unique to your company.

Don't guess. Simplify hiring decisions today.