The Coaching Playbook

Unleash peak performance for every rep

The Coaching Playbook provides fresh ideas when you’re struggling to unlock a rep’s potential. Tap into a rep’s deepest motivations, figure out where their blindspots are, align with their learning styles, and much more.

Great coaches get the best out of people

The best coaches know how to motivate you. They know exactly what you need to improve on, and they have a game plan for helping you succeed. But if a coach doesn’t know you, how are they supposed to help you? As a manager and coach, you need time to get to know your people. But that time is often limited. New hires are on a short leash to prove their value, and by the time you get to know them well enough, it’s often too late – they’re outta there.

You’d love more time to get to know them, but it’s not affordable for the company.

We decided to help make managers better coaches by finding a faster way for them to get to know people.The Coaching Playbook is a game changer. It gives managers a coaching plan on day-1 so they can give every rep the best possible shot at success.

Coach people the way they need to be coached

Find coaching opportunities quickly

Find and attack a rep’s weaknesses before they become a problem. Coach them out of bad habits and double-down on the things they’re already great at.

Get the most out of coaching sessions

Make coaching sessions more effective by optimizing your approach on an individual basis. Align with a person’s motivations, how they learn, and how they communicate.

Prepare teams for any situation

Identify areas where your team may be lacking as a whole. Prepare them for even the most unusual situations by making sure they’re well-rounded.

Coach the potential out of everyone.
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