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We are looking for people to join our team who are as passionate as we are about removing bias from the hiring process and replacing it with something more objective and fair. 



We take care of our employees. Our competitive benefits package includes premium medical, vision, and dental coverage for all employees and their dependents. 


We believe that quality time outside the office is key to the health of our employees. That’s why we offer extremely flexible PTO with an unlimited vacation policy. Just make sure you share your vacation photos!


We are serious about sharing the successes of Hire Smarter. All employees receive an equity package as a part of their compensation plan. We also offer 401K matching to make it easier for employees to save for the future. 


We believe in the causes that our employees are passionate about. Any time a team member makes a donation to an organization they care about,  we’ll anonymously match the donation. 


Our pet-friendly office is located in the heart of the thriving Las Vegas arts district. With a cost of living a fraction of the price of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, our employees live comfortably.


Our team is close. We have regular outings to experience all that Las Vegas has to offer. Expect to join us for weekly happy hours and quarterly kickoffs. If you prefer to act responsibly, no problem. You can hang out with Karen, she’s great!

A Message From Our Founder

I spent 20 years building teams around the world for tech companies and learned firsthand how hard it is to hire the right salespeople. After working with so many amazing people, I thought I knew what ‘right’ looked like. But as it turned out, making smart hiring decisions wasn’t as simple as relying on my instincts. All too often, I’d hire someone very promising–perfect resume, excellent references, killer interview–who would end up underperforming on the job. Each time it happened, my confidence took a hit and my revenue goals suffered.

With hiring mistakes coming as such a high cost, it had me reflecting on where I was going wrong.  Here’s what I learned:

Lesson #1: Sales success does not always translate from one company to another.

Building teams for early-stage companies, there wasn’t much to go on so I would reach back and hired people I worked with in the past; people who made their numbers and people I trusted. However, I learned quickly that success in a past company does not guarantee success in a new company.  This was true even between competitors in the same industry.

Lesson #2: Referrals are not reliable and often contribute to a lack of diversity.

When we had teams in place, I would ask people for referrals. The logic was, if someone on my team was high-performing and they were willing to recommend a friend, they must be worth considering. But, it’s not usually the case that friends have the same qualities to make them high-performing and diversity issues came to the surface.

Lesson #3: External variables heavily influence success: market conditions, sales-cycle complexity, customer segment, leadership quality, etc.

In all cases, we operated from the principle, “past performance is a good predictor of future success.” The problem is that not all success is created equal, and not everyone is able to adapt to different circumstances. The most glaring issues came from bringing successful big-company reps into a start-up environment.  But there were many more, not-so-obvious, mismatches we suffered from.

As my teams matured, we refined our hiring process and things got better. We crafted hiring scorecards, standardized the interview sequence, established role-playing scenarios and much more. There was still a stubborn blind spot though: the intangibles that could not be measured but counted heavily for long-term success. Things like coachability, temperament, and motivation… in essence, “job fit”.  This was a blocker to any further improvement.

We created Hire Smarter to help the next generations of managers succeed by removing these obstacles and bringing transparency to job fit across all customer-facing roles, starting with Sales.

- Swayne Hill

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