Career Pathing

Keep homegrown talent happy, motivated, and likely to stay.

Career Pathing helps you choose the right career paths for employees when there are multiple different ways they can go. When it comes time to promote, offer positions where they’re most likely to succeed and be happy.

Promotions shouldn't be risky

Sometimes a rockstar employee is promoted and suddenly doesn’t make the cut. They were a huge asset in their old job, but their skillset just didn’t translate. Not only did you lose their productivity, but now they’re a flight risk – because when people aren’t successful, they consider other options.

People are always going to need promotions to feel valued, so it’s on you to make sure they’re promoted into the right jobs.

We decided to rethink promotions so our customers can keep employees fulfilled, and retain more homegrown talent. Career pathing provides a data-driven approach to managing promotions so employees stay engaged, motivated, and want to continue their careers with your company.

It's time to start managing careers strategically

Optimize promotions for success

Identify the promotions where a person is most likely to succeed. Keep people happy by protecting them from getting stuck in jobs they’ll hate. 

Fulfill future hiring needs

Hire people likely to succeed in more than one job so you have more options when positions open up. Promote internally top build a great company culture and reduce risk. 

Prepare people for the jobs they want

Prepare people ahead of time for their future positions. Reveal and work on what they may be lacking so they’re more likely to succeed when the time comes for a promotion.

Finding career paths just got easy.