The Candidate Fit Report

Give interviewers a secret weapon

The Candidate Fit Report reveals what a candidate is all about when job interviews don’t provide enough information. See how a person stacks up to top performers, spot key areas where they differ, and get the insights you need to make smarter hiring decisions.

Interviews rarely tell the whole story

People are on their best behavior in job interviews – they’re always going to say what they think you want to hear. This creates a real challenge. How do you make good hiring decisions when you aren’t getting accurate impressions? Transparency will always be an issue in interviews because candidates want to present themselves well.

That’s unless we rethink our approach.

We went back to the drawing board so our customers could get a more honest read of their candidates. The Candidate Fit Report is an exciting new weapon to help you get an honest impression of candidates. Use it to evaluate people on the qualities that matter for a job, but are hard to see in interviews.

Bring transparency to the interview process

Predict future problems

Identify potential problems by comparing candidates to top performers. Get a simple breakdown of where they differ, and how those differences could impede success.

Learn more in job interviews

Explore potential problem areas with a set of customized interview questions. Each question is designed to explore key areas where a candidate differs from top performers. 

Make a case for risky candidates

Ensure that managers provide good reasons for hiring risky candidates. Track a managers hiring decisions and make sure they aren’t taking too much risk in their hiring decisions. 

Get more out of your job interviews today.